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The Nordic Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural University Network is a platform for efficient and innovative Nordic cooperation, exploring new ways to forge a networking university without boundaries.



Reports of past SoilSoc meetings and projects

Meeting in Iceland Behind the links below you will find more reports of the past SoilSoc meetings and projects.

Meeting in Helsinki 2.3.2006, where SoilSoc was founded
Report Helsinki -06 »»

Meeting in Iceland 16.-19.11.2006, where the outlines of the SoilSoc collaboration where decided
Report Iceland -06 »»

Meeting in Copenhagen 22.-23.11.2007, where future SoilSoc intensive courses were planned and the outlines of the SoilSoc programme agreed on
Report Copenhagen -07 »»

Meeting in Uppsala 27.-28.11.2008, where the outcomes of the first two SoilSoc intensive courses and the SoilSoc minor at HU-AF were presented, and future courses and collaboration with graduate schools were planned
Report Uppsala -08 »»

Meeting in Ås 26.-27.11.2009, where two new board members were acknowledged and both past and future courses were discussed and planned
Report Ås -09 »»

Meeting in Ås 18.-19.11.2010, where members from all universities were represented, past and future courses were discussed and planned and the future of SoilSoc was discussed
Report Helsinki -10 »»

Past SoilSoc courses

Bioremediation of Boreal SoilThe first SoilSoc-related intensive course was
Bioremediation of Boreal Soil »»
a graduate course hosted in Helsinki June 2006. The annual SoilSoc intensive courses have since been organised in a similar way, including both lectures, excursions and hands on work.

The courses are either PhD courses ("SoilSoc summer schools") or MSc courses (Nordic Intensive MSc course, NIMC).


Courses 2008:
PhD course Soil degradation, erosion and restoration, Iceland
NIMC Bioinformatics for environmental scientists, Finlandi

Courses 2009:
PhD course Microbial N transformations and NO/N2O emissions, Norway

Courses 2010:
PhD course Soil degradation, erosion and restoration, Iceland
NIMC Remediation of contaminated soils, Denmark
PhD course Sustainable use of tropical soils, Ethiopia