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The Nordic Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural University Network is a platform for efficient and innovative Nordic cooperation, exploring new ways to forge a networking university without boundaries.



University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Sciences (LIFE)

Faculty of Life Sciences

The Faculty of Life Sciences of the University of Copenhagen (LIFE, formerly known as KVL) provides 24 university degree programmes, out of which 9 are taught entirely in English. Students interested in soil and environmental issue can gain MSc degree in several of these.

After recent merger the University of Copenhagen is nowadays the largest university in Scandinavia.

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Aarhus University, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (AU)


The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at Aarhus University offers four Masters (MSc) degree programmes: Agro-Environmental management, Agrobiology, Biosystems engineering, Molecular nutrition and Food technology. The Faculty also runs the PhD school SAFE (School of Agriculture, Food and Environment).

STAiR is one of seven research education programmes that can be found at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences.

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