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The Nordic Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural University Network is a platform for efficient and innovative Nordic cooperation, exploring new ways to forge a networking university without boundaries.



The SoilSoc Board

SoilSoc Board

The Board of the SoilSoc network comprises of 12 members, one to two researcher/teacher as well as a student representative from each member country. Members of the Board represent the four sub-disciplines (soil chemistry, soil biology, soil physics and hydrology, and pedology) and one of the researchers/teachers act as the Network Leader while one of the students is the Network Secretary. Student members can be either MSc or PhD students from any of the study fields.

The tasks of the Board include coordinating the collaboration, coordinating and organising courses and monitoring the progress and quality of all SoilSoc activities. The Board meets annually.


The Board members 2009-2011

Ole K. Borggaard, Prof., Soil and Environmental Chemistry
     e-mail Borggaard
Lis Jonge, Dr., Agroecology and Environment
     e-mail Borggaard
Karina K. Jessing, PhD student

Kristina Lindström, Dr., University Lecturer, Microbiology
     e-mail Lindstrom
Tarja Lehto, Prof., Forest Soil Science
Anu Mikkonen, PhD student
     e-mail Mikkonen

Ólafur Arnalds, Professor, Dean for the Dept. of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
SoilSoc network leader
     e-mail Arnalds
Sunna Askelsdottir, MSc student
     e-mail Sunnan

Trond Borresen, Prof., Soil physics and soil tillage
     e-mail Borresen
Shahid Nadeem, PhD student

Sara Hallin, Associate Professor, Microbiology
     e-mail Hallin
Ella Wessén, PhD student and SoilSoc network secretary


Board meetings

SoilSoc Board meeting in Helsinki 18-19 November 2010
Programme and practicalities