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SoilSoc student exchange between the universities

Meeting in Iceland Iceland - Finland, september 2009

Student exchange between SoilSoc labs is one important goal of this academic year. Taru Lehtinen, an M. Sc. student from the University of Iceland and Agricultural University of Iceland, set the scene. She spent two weeks at the University of Helsinki working with her soil samples under Anu Mikkonen's supervision.

Taru's background is in environmental science from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. Currently she is mainly under supervision of Dr. Rannveig Guicharnaud from the Agricultural University of Iceland, who is also a former student member of the SoilSoc boad. Taru´s thesis project consists of a bioremediation trial of PCB contaminated soil from the old NATO facility in Keflavik, Southwest Iceland.

Meeting in Iceland

- My research intends to propose a framework of protocols that can be adapted to remediate Icelandic soils that exhibit PCB contamination in a sustainable manner, says Taru. In Helsinki I extracted DNA from my samples, did community analyses with LH-PCR and detected genes involved in PCB degradation in the samples. It was a fruitful visit.

Meeting in Iceland

- It was nice to have a visiting MSc student in the lab, bringing in samples from a really interesting project, says Anu. Taru also joined one of our sampling trips during her stay, where she was of big help and made good questions. Her visit was a perfect way to start the Finnish-Icelandic co-operation in bioremediation research - we already made some future plans on analytical collaboration and maybe further visits too, she hints.

We wish Taru good luck with her project and we welcome her as the Icelandic student member of the board.

by Kristina Lindström

Exchange withing SoilSoc

SoilSoc-NOVA prize funds are now available for student exchange. Please, ask the board members for more information.