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SoilSoc student exchange between the universities

Finland - Iceland, december 2010

The second student exchange between SoilSoc labs occured during the fall of 2010. Taru Lehtinen learned microbiological methods at the University of Helsinki under Anu Mikkonen´s supervision in the fall of 2009, and now it was Anni Pulkkinen´s turn to visit Iceland. Anni is a M.Sc. student in Environmental Ecology at the University of Helsinki. She spent two weeks at the Agricultural University of Iceland under the supervision of Taru Lehtinen and Rannveig Guicharnaud.

Anni has a B.Sc. degree in Environmental Ecology from the University of Helsinki and is now doing her M.Sc. thesis under the supervision of Anu Mikkonen, Leena Suominen and Martin Romantschuk at the same University. Her thesis focuses on soil nematodes and their feeding groups in an aged oil contaminated soil, and whether goat’s rue (Galega orientalis) stimulates the biodegradation of oil in this soil.  

Meeting in Iceland

During the two-week visit Anni determined microbial biomass carbon from her soils by chloroform fumigation extraction method (CFE) and analyzed the results. She also analyzed samples from Surtsey, which is a volcanic island on the south coast of Iceland and is inscribed as a natural property on UNESCO’s World Heritage List since July 2008. In addition, Anni got the chance to see Icelandic soils in the nature, do some hiking and bath in the hot river.

We wish Anni all the best for her M.Sc. theses work and look forward to continue the exciting cooperation between bioremediation projects in Iceland and Finland.

Text by Taru Lehtinen and Photo by Laura Kuvaja

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Exchange withing SoilSoc

SoilSoc-NOVA prize funds are now available for student exchange. Please, ask the board members for more information.