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Behaviour of metals and metalloids in the Life Cycle Impact Assessment of waste management activities

Institute / Organisation / Unit: Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen

PhD student responsible: Karen Søgaard Jensen

Supervisers / other researchers: Peter E. Holm and Ole K. Borggaard

Discription: In relation to Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) of heavy metals an operational model on terrestrial behaviour of a range of heavy metals is needed. The model is important for modelling fate and exposure in waste materials, where most organic substances are destroyed and the metals have become the dominant pollutants. The project aims at determining which factors can be used to characterize heavy metal behaviour in different soils such as sandy and clayey soils and to use these factors in development of a model module to describe environmental heavy metal fate including bioavailability/ecotoxicity. This module should be implemented in EDIP and other LCIA methodologies.