SoilSoc Programme

SoilSoc packages

SoilSoc - Programme of Nordic cooperation in graduate education

Soils are among the most important natural resources of the world and are essential for the well-being of society. Soil science is a recognized field, which includes many sub-disciplines with extensive high-quality, internationally recognised research and teaching activities throughout the world, including the Nordic countries.

However, although the Nordic countries together have expertise in most areas of soil science, no single country has comprehensive coverage of soil science. Therefore, it is important that the Nordic countries join efforts in providing the Nordic students with high quality education in all disciplines within the field of soil science. This will be the role of the SoilSoc network.

SoilSoc network coordinates and promotes the SoilSoc Programme. For agricultural or environmental students the SoilSoc programme can be a minor (25-30 ECTS) or a field of specialisation, possible to take during either MSc and PhD studies. Detailed requirements for completing the programme may vary slightly between different NOVA universities. The general characters are:
  • participating on at least one interdisciplinary SoilSoc intensive course
  • multidisciplinary soil science study curriculum, including courses in other Nordic countries and/or in English
  • optional soil science related practical training in other Nordic country
  • soil science related thesis work, thesis written preferentially in English

Any NOVA member university student can participate in the SoilSoc programme. Also visiting and exchange students at these universities can take part depending on the length of their stay.

Currently it is possible to take Nordic Minor in Soil Sciences (25 ECTS) at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry (see SoilSoc package - Finland). The other country specific SoilSoc package requirements will be updated here once they are agreed on.