SoilSoc E-forms

Electronic forms

Here you will find several electronic forms to help communication regarding SoilSoc issues.

The Course e-forms will be mailed directly to the organiser of a specific SoilSoc intensive course. With the Course registration forms you can apply on SoilSoc courses (this is the only way to register on the SoilSoc intensive courses). The Course evaluation form you can use to give feedback to the course organisers anonymously.

The Contact e-forms are an easy way to inform about events to be added on the News section (frontpage), or to suggest a new question to the FAQ section.

The Database e-forms are mostly for teachers and researchers. With these you can add a new course or a research project to the databases on the SoilSoc website.

If you encounter any problems when using the SoilSoc e-forms, please contact the SoilSoc Secretary.