SoilSoc Courses

Soil degradation, erosion and restoration


Time: June 7-16 2010

Level: PhD course, also MSc students can apply

Organiser: Ólafur Arnalds, LBHI
     e-mail Arnalds

Place: Hvanneyri, Iceland

Language: English

Pre-required knowledge: B.Sc. – M.Sc. level education in natural sciences (biology, geosciences, agricultural sciences, natural resources, environmental sciences or equivalent). The course is intended for students of environmental, natural, agricultural and related sciences. It is also suitable for Nordic and international students interested in working in developing countries that have land degradation problems.

Course fee:
NOVA students (PhD and applicable MSc), and domestic MSc students - no fee.
Other Nordic students and BOVA students - accommodation costs (to be announced later)
Other Baltic students and students from developing countries - 200 € NOVA standard course fee + accommodation costs (to be announced later)
Students from other countries, research institutes and industry - full course fee (to be announced later) + accommodation costs (to be announced later)

Application deadline: 15th of March 2010, online course registration is now CLOSED

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Lodging organised by course host: YES

Description: Land degradation and restoration of severe degraded lands is among the most severe problem facing human kind. Soil erosion a widespread problem in Europe and is in fact greater in the Nordic countries than many realize, but is, by far, most severe in Iceland.
The Nordic countries allocate substantial resources for soil erosion research and measures and for development aid related to the problem of soil erosion and desertification remedies.

The aim of this course is to give students a comprehensive understanding of soil erosion, land degradation, and the scientific knowledge on means to stop erosion and restore degraded lands. The course is designed for students of environmental, natural, agricultural and related sciences. It is also quite suitable for Nordic students interested in work in developing countries. The course will also have a Nordic dimension by discussing the role of cryoturbation and geomorphology in soil erosion processes and address open lands and range lands, in addition to cultivated land.

Erosion processes in Iceland is extremely active. Land degradation takes on many forms which make the location ideal for environmental study of this kind. Iceland boosts the oldest operating soil conservation agency in the world, with a history full of lessons about ecosystem restoration that can be applied on other parts of the world. The course includes extensive field trips using Iceland as a natural laboratory with nature experiences.