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Remediation of Contaminated Soils


Time: August 9-August 27, 2010

Level: MSc course, also PhD students are welcome to participate

Organiser: Ole K. Borggaard, LIFE
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Place: First half as distant learning, second half at LIFE (KVL), Denmark

Language: English

Pre-required knowledge: The course addresses environmentally interested students with basic knowledge in chemistry, mathematics, biology and soil science corresponding to the knowledge achieved through participation in bachelor courses in these disciplines at Nordic agricultural universities/faculties.

Course fee:
NOVA students (MSc and PhD), and domestic MSc students - no fee.
Other Nordic students and BOVA students - accommodation costs (to be announced later)
Other Baltic students and students from developing countries - 200 € NOVA standard course fee + accommodation costs (to be announced later)
Students from other countries, research institutes and industry - full course fee (to be announced later) + accommodation costs (to be announced later)  

Application deadline: 15th june 2010, online course registration is now CLOSED

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Lodging organised by course host: NO

Description: Contaminated soils pose a serious risk to human health and ecosystem functioning at thousands of sites in Nordic and other countries. The course aims at giving environmentally interested students comprehensive, state-of-the-art knowledge about soils contaminated with heavy metals, oil, PAH etc., and to provide them with skills and competences about the most important remediation methods and their suitability in relation to specific contaminations. Focus will be on bioremediation, phytoremediation and soil washing (extraction) methods. As a NOVA course, the teaching will logically address a wide range in the most decisive soil remediation parameters including climate, soil type and contaminant source, which will enable the students to act as environmentally friendly soil remediators both locally and globally.