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Microbial N transformations and NO/N2O emissions

ECTS: 3 4

Time: June 7-12 2009

Level: PhD course, also MSc students can apply

Organiser: Åsa Frostegård, UMB
     e-mail Arnalds

Place: Ås, Norway

Language: English

Pre-required knowledge: The course aims at PhD students working within the areas Microbial Ecology/Environmental Microbiology or Soil Chemistry, or adjacent fields. All students should have basic course level knowledge in chemistry.

Course fee:
NOVA students (PhD and applicable MSc), and domestic MSc students - no fee.
Other Nordic students and BOVA students - accommodation costs 450 €
Other Baltic students and students from developing countries - 200 € NOVA standard course fee + accommodation costs 450 €
Students from other countries, research institutes and industry - full course fee 500 € + accommodation costs 450 €

Application deadline: March 1 2009, online course registration is now CLOSED

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Lodging organised by course host: YES, including shared double room + meals

Description: The course will cover biogeochemical processes that involve nitrogen transformations. Special focus will be on factors that affect nitrification/denitrification, which are the major processes responsible for emissions of NO and N2O from the biosphere to the atmosphere. Experimental work will include field measurements of gas fluxes, as well as laboratory experiments including gas kinetics and molecular techniques to investigate the composition of denitrifying genes and their expression. In addition to the experimental exercises, a series of lectures will be given covering also other aspects of the nitrogen cycle such as biogeochemical N transformations at larger scales and symbiotic nitrogen fixation.

The course will offer an amalgam of traditional and cutting-edge technology combined with a series of lectures by active scientists from the Nordic and Baltic countries. As all Nordic PhD courses, it will offer a unique possibility to meet other PhD students and scientists working in adjacent fields, and to make contacts that are very important in future research and other professional activities. The course will be unique in providing in-depth and comprehensive knowledge in the biological aspects of the ongoing nitrogen enrichment of the biosphere, which is one of the most urgent present and future environmental challenges, beyond that of global warming.

The number of students accepted on the course is 25-30, and 5 of these places is reserved for other than NOVA/BOVA degree students. Note that SoilSoc network has no travel funds - for funding possibilities, please see the FAQ section Funding - students »»

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