SoilSoc Courses

Bioinformatics for environmental scientists


Time: January 7-11 2008 NOTE new time August 11-15 2008

Level: MSc course, also PhD students are welcome to participate

Organiser: Kristina Lindström, HU-AF
     e-mail Lindström

Place: Helsinki, Finland

Language: English

Pre-required knowledge: B.Sc. level education in microbiology, biotechnology etc. - basic knowledge on biomolecular (PCR) methods

Application deadline: 15th of July 2008, online course registration is now CLOSED

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Lodging organised by course host: NO, but we can recommend budget alternatives

Description: Appropriate experimental design and subsequent analysis of data is crucial for successful experimentation in environmental sciences. During the last few years, diversity and genomic studies with soil micro-organisms and soil DNA have become almost routine in research. New mathematical tools are now available for data treatment and the next generation of soil science graduates need to be educated in the use of those. The course planned will fill the gap that currently exists in the MSc education in this field.