SoilSoc Courses

ME414 Forest Soil Hydrology and Water Balance


Time: March / April, organised annually

Place: Helsinki, Finland

Level: MSc course

Organiser: Department of Forest Ecology, HU-AF  

Language: English

Description: Lecture course. The course will cover the soil hydraulic properties of both organic (peat) and upland soils, and the components of the water balance: precipitation (including snow pack formation and snowmelt), evapotranspiration, and soil water storage, water movement and flow at the stand- and small catchments-scale. The implications for nutrient supply and leaching and the potential impacts of global warming on the water balance will also be covered. The objective of the course is provide the student with an understanding of the eco-hydrology of forest ecosystems and soils, and the importance of the hydrological cycle in the flow of matter and many soil processes affecting forest ecosystem functioning.