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NOVA University Network

The Nordic Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural University Network is a platform for efficient and innovative Nordic cooperation, exploring new ways to forge a networking university without boundaries.



SoilSoc - Nordic Network on Soils and Society

SoilSoc The SoilSoc network brings together teachers, students and researchers on the multidisciplinary field of soil sciences. SoilSoc is one of the subject networks under NOVA University Network, a collaboration platform of the agricultural, forestry and veterinary universities and faculties in all the five Nordic countries.

The purpose of the SoilSoc network is to:
  • increase and improve Nordic interaction among students, teachers and researchers in the field of soil science
  • improve the diversity and quality of graduate education in the field of soil science in the Nordic countries
  • create a motivating study environment for Nordic students in the field of soil science

The SoilSoc website serves as your comprehensive guide to soil science studies and research in the Nordic countries. Welcome to explore the possibilities in soil science and Nordic mobility!

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